Our expertise in onion processing is a globally proven system among processors. Over a period of many years Our development team has acquired information and experience over the years, continuously improving the machines. Today, we are the number one specialist in the careful handling, peeling and further processing of onions. The FRGR slices perfect onion rings up to 25 mm. Due to its sustainable design, cleaning and maintenance is very easy.

After the automatic in-feed stage, the whole, peeled onions of 60 mm to 140 mm are orientated automatically by a vibrating system. In the second stage, the onions are cut in regular slices by specially designed knives.
The thickness of the rings can be easily adjusted. This machine works perfectly in combination with our FAUP onion peeling line, but also as a stand-alone ring slicer. The FRGR will process up to 7.200 onions per hour.

This ring slicer can cut more than just onions. Over the years we have learned that we can cut carrots, tomatoes and more with perfect quality.


- Capacities up to 7,200 pcs/hr
- Regular onion rings up to 25 mm.
- Automatic in-feed system for continuous processing
- Easily adjustable thickness of the rings